Land Cruiser Gets Suspension Upgrade

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Russian motorist stunned after finding cat stuck in jeep’s suspension spring when he stopped to buy petrol

  • Vitaliy Bouranin didn't spot anything when he got into his Toyota
  • The driver from Sakhalin, Russia travelled 50 miles at speeds of 80mph
  • But he decided to pull over at a petrol station and heard meowing
  • He spotted the tiny cat inside the spring and tried to three him
  • It took rescuers three hours to get the cat out of its unusual hiding place

A Russian motorist was left stunned after he found a cat stuck in the most unusual place - his jeep's suspension spring.

Vitaliy Bouranin, 32, said that he hadn't noticed anything when he'd climbed into his Toyota Land Cruiser to set off on a business trip in Sakhalin, Russia.

But after travelling for 50 miles at speeds of over 80mph he decided to stop at a petrol station to fill up.

Tightly wound: This little cat looks unmoved by all of the attention he is receiving to free him from the suspension spring in Russia


Helping hand: One man shoves his hand right into the spring in an attempt to push the cat out


You're free: The cat appears to have a stretch as he is released from the spring after being stuck in a cramped position for a very long time


Nine lives: This cat had a lucky escape after being driven 50 miles unnoticed


Safe and sound: Mechanics are still trying to work out how the animal ended up getting wedged inside the spring after a three-hour operation to free it

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